What it takes to be a Himachali!

Its certainly not the dope which most people think constitutes a Himachali; its not just chiseled look and fairness; its not 60s/70s hair makeup; its not the punk makeover; its definitely not the baggy jeans and shady looks. That is merely a cult not the culture.

The thing that designates an individual to be Himachali is something like someone getting amused at peaks still dreaming to get on the higher edge.

A Himachali is someone who gets comfortable if followed by gentility that too in most counteracting times.

A Himachali is someone getting amused by the music created by nature like sprinkle of water, echos of birds through valleys, rustling of dry leaves, chorus by insects.

A Himachali is the person getting natural blush in antiquity of hot sun light.

A Himachali is that one veteran sitting beside road and introspecting every vehicle passing.

A Himachali is the gentleman helping you way before you asked for.

A Himachali is the one who is dancing on Nati and bowing its head for super mighty.

A Himachali is someone who shreds the ego in fastest rapids of rivers.

Himachal is name of place where every highest point is marked by GOD’s existence.

A Himachali is a little girl giving most enthusiastic look to anything obvious and new.

A Himachali is a young girl who doesn’t claim about her beauty despite of having it in abundance.

Himachalis are the mass of ecstatic smiling people in Mela.

A Himachali is a person celebrating every little happiness.

A Himachali is someone who amuses and confides its pain.

A Himachali is someone who shares every bit of pain that nature is undergoing.

A Himachali is someone who is more happy in rural rites than urban cult.

A Himachali is someone synthesizing and syncing itself in Nagadas.

A Himachali is someone who hold the one on his shoulder, who holds whole world that too bare footed(Devta Processions).

A Himachali is a young guy who climb mighty mountains just to interact with Horizon where other are dazed and confused guessing what it gives and what it takes.

A Himachali is the one singing in grasslands while moving with its cattle. The sound of singing of whom just subsides in the intersecting mountains

Himachali is a brave boy moving his grandparents over his back that too in erect elevations.</p><p>A Himachali is the one who is on death bed but still smiling and hiding sheer pain under its tough skin.</p>Himachali is the adjective given to people who share and dare; who prayer with feet bare; who care and are always fare; who hope for the best, who rarely take rest; who are shy but they never lie; who are humble but they never stumble; who are sweet and pretty neat; who are patriotic but never the chaotic; who are beautiful and dutiful; who are hardworking do stuff breathtaking; who feel but they never steal, so its the best deal something very real.

I am proud to be a Himachali!

The Wanderlust

The Wanderlust: Kamrunaag and Naina Devi(Rewalsar)

हिमाचल प्रदेश, सदियों पहले यहाँ पहाड़ केवल कुछ जनजातियों और ऋषियों की तपोभूमि थे। इन मंदिरों की मान्यता और धार्मिक आस्था के कारण अक्सर लोग कई कठिनाइयों का सामना करके इन्हे श्रधांजली अर्जित करते हैं।

Not the electronic Antennas by Ashish  on 500px.com


In the middle of Himachal lies District Mandi. I remembered from my childhood days, that Mandi was known for news about Wild animals(Wild cats & Bears) hurting villagers. And I had these hazy visuals of its very dens forests in my mind. So, I was curious enough to look these places for real when we decided to visit Kamrunaag

Indeed a curiosity, which is not the most active thing in falling 20s.

A scene from the tales of Womderland by Ashish  on 500px.com

 The Journey starts from Delhi. Like all engineering graduates from Himachal, we’re also here for livelihood, but keeping most of the heart in hills. I don’t know for everyone, but my dream is still alive, to go back and live in hills, forever. We were in a HRTC Kinnaur Bus, which was heading towards Sangla.

Now, you know these Badass Kinnaur route HRTC drivers could be known as “Special 26″ (HP26 is Nichar RTO and HP25 is Kalpa  number for vehicles).


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The Wanderlust

The Wanderlust: Ahmedabad, Gir & Diu, Part: 3

Div(An Island) or Diu, it’s unbelievable how Portuguese colonized it for so long, but this is a place, to stop your pace of life. Island of Calm(Ilha de Calma), that’s what tourism department says. You must have seen it’s very impressive advert on TV or youtube. They have put astonishingly impressive video featuring all the places around this Island. This place has got serenity. So visit it before its crowded by tourists, just like Goa.
Horizon diminishing across Nagoa beach

“Ilha De Calma” or Island Of Calm

Diu has alcohol legal contrary to Gujrat. Gujjus come here to quench their thirst. It gives you a glimpse of Arabian sea which is more calm than east coast of India. It’s amazing feeling to know you have nothing in between you and Africa, except the Arabian Sea. If you want to experience the luxury of life, that too at a very small cost, feast on the Apna-foodland and watch a sailors life just on the connecting shore, where they anchor their ships and do daily chores.
The Wanderlust

The Wanderlust: Ahmedabad, Gir & Diu, Part: 2


GIR…probably the best maintained Jungle in India; one and only home for both Asiatic lions and Indian leopards. They have increased the lion population from almost extincted two figures to 411. Do make sure you get the morning safari as its the best time to spot wild life, or you got to have a luck like us, because we were exceptionally fortunate to spot both lion and leopard.

Interestingly the lions once thrived up-to Greece. They are different from African lions. Difference are, the lesser prominent mane on male, the dangling skin below their bally and the most important, their social behavior. They keep smaller herds with lesser population and a short spree of male. My luck with feline worked. यूँ तो सिंह जंगल के राजा है and Asiatic lion is special and rare at the same time. But what makes spotting Indian leopard memorable is its shyness, its sheer agility, it being quickest mammal in jungle.

उसका दो क्षण के स्वरूप का व्याख्यान पूरी किताब भर सकता है।

उसकी लंबी पूंछ जो की उसका संतुलन बनाती है। When we saw him, his dark spots were still visible on it’s dirt ridden body. उसका उज्ज्वलित स्वरूप जो की रह रह कर झाड़ियों में ओझल हो रहा था। ये कुछ ऐसे विन्ह्गम द्रिश्य थे जो की मैं कभी भूल नही सकता।

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The Wanderlust

The Wanderlust: Ahmedabad, Gir & Diu, Part: 1

कहते है भ्रमण भ्रम मिटाता है।

आपके उलझे सवालों के सुलझे जवाब देता है

It helps you come out of your vicious circle, which gives you more questions than answers. ये केवल मेरे लिए पूर्णतः निहित है या इसका एहसास सभी को है, पर मुझे भ्रमण करने पर जिंदगी जीने के कुछ और मक़सद मिल जाते हैं। मैं यह बचपन से पढ़ता आ रहा हूँ कि भारत सांस्कृतिक सम्रिध देश है, पर इसका एहसास आपको तभी होगा जब आप इस देश के एक-एक छोर, एक-एक कोने तक यात्रा करोगे।

This is a short journey experience of Gujrat and Diu(Daman and Diu). It’s important to share your travelogue because:

  •   It gives the real insight of a journey, which one may not find on internet.
  •   It keeps memories alive. On some sad boring day, a flashback of the journey can get your spunk back.
  •   It fills your blog. :D
  •   It will do post analysis of your journey.

I would stop myself here, as it feels like I am filling my answer-sheet of Professional Development exam of engineering.

हम गुजरात पहुँचे वॉल्वो बस से जो की बीकानेरहाउस दिल्ली से चलकर अहमदाबाद जाती है। यह रास्ता आपको हरियाणा से शुरू कर के राजस्थान के डूंगरपुर होते हुए गुजरात में दाखिल करवाता है। जयपुर तक का रास्ता किसी औद्योगिक क्रांति से कम ऩही है। Various new projects are blooming, one of them is Japanese Industrial Town. राजस्थान का डूंगरपुर आपको गुजरात का एहसास दिलाता है। राजस्थान की एक ख़ास बात है हर नाम से पहले श्री, आप दुकानों, बसों और बड़ी बड़ी ब्रांड्स के नाम में भी श्री लगा पाओगे।

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  Walks to Remember: Mahrouli Archeological Park


This place has almost 100 monuments of different clans and dynasties. It has been said that it was the very first ancient Delhi city. The Turks, Persians, Rajputs, Mughals and even English, all lived here. Just behind the Qutub Minaar, spread in green belt you can see monuments peeping out of tree bed. Not many people know about it, as excavation has started recently and ASI has started maintaining it very recently. Thanks to Commonwealth Games!

This Youtube video gives the rare description about the park and it’s importance(Thanks for the efforts and beautiful music of Aditya Pathak):

I reckon this place for all those who love spending time around greenery, monuments and birds.

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Walks to remember

Walks to Remember: Mahrouli Archeological Park